1763 will not be closing!

A Very Special Announcement from
 Ms Whip...May 9 ,2018

It is my great pleasure to announce that 1763 will NOT be closing on June 30th. Please come out on Saturday May 26th to meet the wonderful people who will be continuing the 1763 legacy.

Hope to see you all on the 26th.

Thank you

Ms Whip

Thank You from Ms Whip...April 15, 2018

Thank you for the lovely emails and posts regarding your memories and thoughts of 1763. I appreciate you sharing your experiences, and your comments have truly touched us all.

I am humbled to know that "We did it right" and that we have touched so many of you!

I want to restate why we are closing, but let's first clear the air.

There are no behind the scenes reasons, no building sold, no new laws, no lack of funds and no other reasons outside of what was originally stated.

As simple as it sounds, It's time.

Everything has a life cycle. I have a life cycle and the 1763 staff have a life cycle.

We have spent 15 years at 1763 and although we love 1763, 15 years is a long time!

Thank you to everyone who has supported us over these years and thank you for sharing your kink!

We have 11 weeks/ 12 nights of kink filled fun left, please come out and have a great time with us as we say our goodbyes.


Ms Whip

Closing Message from Ms Whip...April 10, 2018

We Did It…

It was June 2003 and for the first time 1763 ~ A DeViant Place Of DeCadence, opened its doors!

Inside was warm, inviting, encouraging, and sophisticated, once inside you realized 1763 was different!

OUR GOAL – Be true to you, be yourself and be who you are!


15 years have come and gone and we have been here to guide, to assist, to listen to and teach those interested in BDSM – kink!

We have seen it all over these 15 years! We have witnessed everything from hilarious tickling and laughter to the most extreme pain.

I am very proud of what 1763 is, has been and always will be, it was not an easy road!

1763 has welcomed visitors from around the world, from all walks of life and all demographic and social economic groups – I am proud!

I feel and sincerely hope that everyone who experienced 1763 felt welcomed.  I am proud of 1763’s diversity! It warms my heart to see all walks of life laughing, playing, enjoying and learning together!  

I have laughed my ass off as others scream and even winced myself a time or two, ummm unintended electricity!

The kinky came to learn and realized that they could learn without judgement.

The time has come to say goodbye, it is with a saddened yet knowing heart that now is the time.

1763 ~ A DeViant PLaCe Of DeCadence is officially closing on June 30th, 2018

A gracious THANK YOU to everyone who has made 1763 what it is, 1763 - the sum of the diverse parts of our kink!


Ms Whip

Founded in July 2003 by Atlanta's Mistress Whip, 1763 serves the Atlanta, Southeastern, National and International Fetish and BDSM Community by offering a wide variety of events throughout each month.  Additionally, 1763 is proud to have organized and/or participated in the following  events:

**1763 Munch**
MsWhip, Founder
2014 - 2018

**WicKed WonderLand**
MsWhip, Founder  
2008 - 2018

**Spring Fling**
MsWhip, Founder
2014 - 2018

2004 - 2018

**SpankMe In Atlanta**
MsWhip, Founder
 2008 - 2009, 2014 - 2018 

**Atlanta Dominion All-Male Play Parties**
2012 - 2018

**Atlanta Bound**
MsWhip, Founder
 2008 - 2016

**DomCon Atlanta**
  MsWhip, Co-Producer
11 Years

**Atlanta Male Spanking Group**
11 Years

**Spring In The South**
 9 years

**Woymn’s Bash & Queer Bash**
 4 years*

**Sex 2.0* Hosting NCSF 2008 **

"Elegance, Sophistication, Discretion and Educational in Atlanta, Georgia"