Rope Bite @Nite

Rope Bite @Nite is a monthly event on the second Saturday of each month, focusing on rope instruction and rope play, as well as various aspects of bondage using rope.

Rope Bite @Nite features the co-organizers and presenters from the local Atlanta chapter of Rope Bite, as well as other guest presenters from time to time. 

Rope Bite @Nite is designed for hands-on practice and experience, offering something for everyone who has an interest in rope, from brand new to established. 

This interactive series of rope classes will have you tying and binding in no time!

Doors open at 8 pm, and the Rope Bite @Nite classes start about 8:15 pm and continue to about 9 pm.  Stay and practice throughout the evening, as your admission to Rope Bite @Nite also includes admission to the Decadence Play Party starting at 9 pm and continuing until 2 am. 


Co-Organizers of Rope Bite Atlanta and presenters at Rope Bite @Nite

Who is Joe Soap?

Joe Soap began practicing rope bondage in 2012 and founded Rope Bite Atlanta in 2013 in cooperation with the founders of Hitchin' Bitches Atlanta. He currently serves as a board member for Whippersnappers, Atlanta's TNG group, and as the lead organizer for Rope Bite @Nite, a monthly event held at 1763.

Who is Chiral?

Chiral started his rope journey before he saw it as a kink, with a 12 year career as a youth in the Boy Scouts of America and 10 years of teaching and leading in the climbing community. His familiarity with rope and rope bondage comes from all angles. His background in education and design theory pushes his critical eye to the psychological aspects of bondage. Chiral places specific interest in the ability rope has to create connection and vulnerability in tops and bottoms.  As a co-organizer of Rope Bite Atlanta, he helps shape the discourse for the RBA curriculum while emphasizing the community aspects of the events.

Who is Malak?

A sadist through and through, Malak has long used rope as an outdoorsman and rock climber, but only started getting into rope bondage within the last 2 years. Since becoming active in the Atlanta community, and as a co-organizer of Rope Bite Atlanta in particular, he has furiously devoted himself to learning all that he can about this art. Malak has a passion for helping other learn and enjoy rope.


Who is Twisted Lily?

Twisted Lily is a dedicated top-leaning rope switch. She serves as co-organizer of Rope Bite Atlanta and is a steadfast member of Hitchin’ Bitches Atlanta. The focus of her personal kink is power exchange/authority transfer. Having just celebrated her four years of tying, Lily is focused on advancing her own skill set and sharing her organization and communication skills with others. Her career involves adult learning and she hopes to capitalize on that experience to best support her regional rope community.


Which Rope Should I Use?

It comes down to preference, as each kind of rope has benefits and drawbacks. Local Atlanta rope enthusiast JD gives you knowledgeable insight into the different types of rope HERE



After the demo in the Main Dungeon, rope practice continues in the large side dungeon
 on Rope Bite@Nite evenings.



"Don't get tied up elsewhere!"