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Here is what happened on August 4th, 2018.  Be sure to join us for the next Education Stations in February, 2019!


It happens only once every 6 months.  The 1763 Education Stations returns on Saturday, August 4, 2018.  Featuring a multitude of knowledgeable presenters, this is the perfect night to see, learn about, and experience a wide range of activities.

Many of these great presenters are returning from having presented at The 1763 Education Stations in February, 2018.  Why?  Because these are simply some of the most knowledgeable and outgoing presenters that you will find in the Southeast!

We also welcome several new presenters.  While new to The Education Stations, these presenters come with a wealth of knowledge and excellent skills.

And in the Medical Room, for the first time ever, previous Stations presenters GeekofAllTrades and The ShadowDragon will be doing double duty, tag team style, combining their wicked imaginations concerning Electricity! 


The 1763 Education Stations is an event that allows you to come in for the evening and experience a variety of "hands on" activities. Presenters will be stationed throughout the dungeon areas, offering instruction on safety, technique, tidbits of interest and the ability to ask questions. There are no lectures or classes per se, as you have the freedom to either watch, ask questions or experience a bit of the activity yourself, and then move from station to station at your own pace.

Who attends The 1763 Education Stations events?  Everyone new and old who has an interest in learning about, or increasing their knowledge of, the topics being presented. Singles, couples, new folks, Doms, Dominas, Tops, bottoms, submissives, crossdressers, even those who have been around for a number of years, all participate and enjoy the 1763 Education Stations events!

Why attend The 1763 Education Stations? Where better to learn about the BDSM/Fetish lifestyle than in Atlanta’s home town dungeon, with over 15 kinky years in Atlanta? The presenters at our educational events are practiced, knowledgeable, safe lifestyle players and educators. You may have seen many of these presenters at various 1763 nights in the past; here is your opportunity to work one-on-one with them.

Heard about some of these types of play? Never experienced some of these types of play? This is the event where, with the help of knowledgeable presenters, you can fulfill some of your curiosity.


No 1763 Munch on August 4

We are doing something a little bit different for the Education Stations in August.  The 1763 Munch, normally on the first Saturday of each month, will NOT be held in August.

Doors open at 8 pm, and following a few short announcements at 8:30, the Education Stations immediately get underway.



"The Warmth of Fire Play" - Darth Table

Fireplay is a form of "edge play" that involves using various types of fuel to apply a flame close to, or on to, the skin. In skilled hands, it can create a state of bliss and meditation; in the wrong hands it holds the possibility of bodily injury and property damage.

Darth will focus on the safety aspects of Fire Play, including the types of materials to use and the type of fuel to use (and not to use). After all, it is the fuel that will be burning, not skin! Equally important, he will show you what safety equipment and first aid items need to be on hand, pre-scene precautions, etc. Darth will demonstrate various techniques for the top, or on the bottom, that will help get the bottom into that “blissful meditative state”.

"If you are planning to do any type of fire play, don't put on lotions, perfumes, body sprays, glitter, make-up and other things that might contain oils, melt, or ignite on the parts of the body you plan to use in your fire play."


 "Flogging" - Wolf 

The art of Flogging dates back millennia, and techniques can range from soft and sensual to hard and intense. Many have experienced a "stress relief" feeling from being flogged, and the various types of materials used in the construction of a flogger can induce a wide range of sensations.

Wolf has been in the lifestyle for 25 years, a member of the local Atlanta community for 15 years and can frequently be found serving as a Dungeon Monitor at 1763. In addition to Flogging, Wolf also has interests in Sensation Play, Fire Play and Electricity. He has presented at The Stations several times in the past, as well as numerous instructional demos at The Edge (of Night) over the years. Wolf will have his large collection of Floggers on display at The Stations!



"Dragon Tails" - PlaineJane

A Dragon Tail can almost be described as a cross between a single tail and a flogger, consisting of a handle, often made of wood and wrapped with leather, to which a wide triangular piece of thin leather or suede is attached. This leather or suede forms a lash which is a hollow tube tapering to a point at the striking end. It can kiss and caress, yet snap and sting when used in skilled hands.

PlaineJane has been active in the Atlanta BDSM community for almost ten years. As an enthusiastic Event Coordinator, Jane is a strong advocate for promoting and producing educational events for and within the BDSM and Leather communities. She serves a Chapter Director for the MAsT: Marietta Women Chapter and as the Leader of the F.L.A.I.R. group, and hosts a variety of her own Service Intensives, Events and Training for both sides of the slash. Her areas of interest and experience includes service, impact play, dragontails, high protocol, power exchange from both sides of the slash, chemical play, sexual domination, humiliation and degradation, genitorture and of course Male on Male Action... to name a few.



"The Art and Joy of Canes" - MzJewcy

The word "canes" often strikes fear in many. However, the art of caning has many permutations. In skilled hands, it can range from playful and sensual to intense and painful.

MzJewcy, active in the Atlanta community for almost two decades, is an extremely playful top. One of her favorite activities, amongst many, is Caning. She will show you how to properly hold a cane, the different sensations that each type of cane can impart, as well as the care and cleaning of canes.

“A Firm Hand and a Gentle Touch: I enjoy giving goosebumps as much as I do marks. I love to watch the impact I deliver travel through your body until it comes out your mouth as a moan, growl, whimper, or scream.”



"Creative Bondage" - Cuffdbhnd

There are many items, that with a creative thought process, can be used in BDSM play. From ropes, scarves and saran warp to cages, leather restraints and straightjackets, it isn't necessarily what one uses, but how it is used.

Cuffdbhnd (Rick), has been one the co-hosts of the 1763 Atlanta Dominion all-male play parties for over 6 years.  He has an extensive collection of latex and high quality bondage gear, along with a wickedly creative imagination.  Those who have been to the Dominion play parties have seen some his handiwork!  Always creative, he is an equal opportunist with both men and women. Learn some basic techniques that can be incorporated in your style of play.  See what he can do with a short piece of rope and  set of cock and balls! 


"Sensual Chills of Hot Wax" - Tenderdom (aka TD)

Hot wax is a very unique way to play. You can give and experience pure sensuality. It can be a delightful tease, a frightening torture, or an artistic endeavor. Only your imagination and a few observed safety precautions can be your path to a realm of unique pleasures.

TD will provide great tips on how to get started (protect that carpet), as well as candle safety and the different types of candles that can safely be used. Waxing with pillar candles, jar candles, votives, using crock pots and other instruments, will all be discussed. TD will show how easy it is for one to use their imagination to create a unique wax design. The removal process can be just as sensuous as the application, so expect some devilish ideas in this regard. And cleanup? Expect some tips and precautions, especially if using a shower!

TD’s passion for wax was ignited almost 20 years ago upon viewing his first wax scene. His expansive knowledge of wax comes from many years of hands on experience and play. He is the host of the Gwinnett Munch, celebrating 16 years in existence! TD also makes and sells his own unique line of low temperature candles suitable for waxing. 


“Impact Play & Spanking” - Strict Dave

Leather paddles, wood paddles, leather belts and straps, metallic paddles, acrylics, plastics, and of course bare hands, are all instruments that one can use and experience with Impact Play and Spanking.  Learn about the different materials and shapes that impart so many unique sensations, from mild to intense.  Perhaps experience these sensations first hand! 

 Strict Dave is a strict but playful dominant top, sadistic when the occasion warrants, who loves to play. His interests run the gamut from bullwhips to spanking, but ultimately he is all about energy and dynamics. Strict Dave loves to connect with his play partners, get into their heads, and go together with them to wonderful places, and loves the challenge of playing with new people. He enjoy experiences from mild to wild; particularly enjoying intensity and pushing people, willingly and happily, to new heights.

Strict Dave has been active in the lifestyle for about 27 years. His exposure to the broader community came first in NYC, then in Atlanta and briefly in San Francisco. Having been active with a large number of kinky organizations, both general BDSM groups and spanking fetish groups, he has hosted quite a few demos and classes for a number of different groups from Atlanta to Hawaii, primarily on impact play, whips, spanking, and energy/dynamics/communication.

"Aftercare" -  Pixi Precious

Aftercare is one of the most important aspects to BDSM dungeon play and often gets overlooked by beginners. Aftercare includes the very obvious things like taking care of an actual injury, but it goes much deeper than that. One must delve deep into the psyche of their play partner to ensure that they leave the scene not just physically healthy, but also mentally, emotionally, and spiritually whole. Aftercare should be negotiated as part of a scene set up and varies drastically from person to person. During this station we will go over the most common types of first aid needed during play and the supplies most commonly needed in an aftercare bag. We will discuss emotional aftercare for both Doms (and all others on that side of the slash) and subs (and all on those on that side of the slash). We can explore specific types of play and situations and the aftercare that could be needed for anyone who has questions.  Bring your questions!

Pixi came out to the community over 4 years ago after discovering that there was a whole group of like minded people. Since that time she has been active in the community and expanding her knowledge in all aspects of alternative lifestyles and BDSM. She was completely open in the vanilla world. She graduated nursing school in 2009 and values aftercare as this lifestyle has very many risky aspects to it. Pixi is currently collared and owned by RariusDaemon. 


"Electrical Play" - GeekOfAllTrades and TheShadowDragon

The lights will be low and the sparks may fly as electricity is safely explored in the Retro Room. From violet wands to more, experience the various intensities that safe electrical play can impart.

GeekOfAllTrades has been a long time 1763 guest. Extremely outgoing and playful, he will be demonstrating contact probes, violet wands, glass attachments, some unique one-of-a-kind creations and the fun things that can be done. Sit down in the chair and experience all the wonderful sensations that electricity can impart!

”I love learning new stuff and when I get bored, I usually end up building kinda cool or very dangerous things! In the BDSM world I also enjoy making bondage toys, furniture and acrylic handled floggers.”

TheShadowDragon, a local Dominant who has been in the Atlanta community for almost 20 years, has presented at The Education Stations in the past. This evening his attention turns once again to his fondness for The Electric Chair, violet wands and a variety of unique "accessories", all of which stem from both his kinky nature and his inner geek. A favorite hobby of his is finding or creating new items to use. Step on in and have a seat in "The Chair" and sample a variety of sensations and learn some new techniques!




"Erotic Knife Play" - Andrew

What do knives, wartenberg wheels, banjo picks and other “sharp and pointy” objects have in common?  They can all be used to impart intense sensual and erotic sensations upon sensitive areas of one’s anatomy.  

Former Whippersnappers board member Andrew will be bringing in an assortment of knives and other items from his personal collection. Feel the sensation of different types and sizes of knife blades on various parts of your anatomy. No cutting, no blood...just pure sensation play as Andrew explores the nerves of your body and the imagination of your mind with these sharp and pointy objects. Amongst the soft candle lit shadows, he will get on your nerves…literally.




“Hypnotic and Erotic Orgasms" - Brian Dee

Learn the power of hypnosis in erotic play and get a chance to experience your trance skills in a safe environment with a professional hypnotist. Come into the Black Dungeon and have a seat. Relax. Make yourself comfortable.

Brian Dee has previously presented at many 1763 events and this evening find out what hypnosis and orgasms have in common. Brian Dee is an erotic hypnotist living in Atlanta. He has worked as a comedy stage hypnotist and clinical hypnotherapist for almost 20 years and is on the cutting edge of Erotic Hypnosis development in the US.



"The Sensual Sting of Single Tails" - Colefucius

In the correct hands, the feel of a single tail against naked skin can range from soft, warm and sensual to something much more intense.

Colefucius has been in the Atlanta public scene for over 20 years.  He has a strong passion for single tails; having amassed a wealth of knowledge and a large, diverse collection.  “The things I will say of myself are I love to play.  I am  complex, romantic, diligent and more.”



Each station will begin at 8:30 pm and continue until ??? (which means as long as there is interest). Time allowing, each Station will then revert to open play for those who may have a desire.  Please be aware that there is no guarantee that you may get your preferred area of the dungeon.  Many Stations do go until 2 am.



The 1763 Education Stations…It happens only once every six months!



$25 per person door fee

You must be a Member of 1763 (ages 21 years or older) or have a Whippersnappers Membership (ages 19 and over) to attend this evening. The 1763 Membership fee is in addition to the door fee, and a valid picture ID is needed for a 1763 Membership.

1 Night 1763 Membership - $5 (out of state guests only)
6 month 1763 Membership-$10
12 month 1763 Membership - $20



 "15 Kinky Years in Atlanta, Georgia"